Meet Elsa Wadsworth!

Elsa Wadsworth is a Helenistic Astrologist can can do your personalized reading or readings for your group.  She also has over 10 years and 1,500 teaching hours of yoga. She is trained in Ashtanga style yoga which is the grandfather of vinyasa, flow, power, hot and bikram yoga.  She also studies Iyengar yoga. 

Elsa can work with your group at Joten Lake Retreat Center to plan a day or a weekend of rejuvenating activities for you physical and mental well being including:

  • Helenistic Astrology 

  • Yoga

  • Crystal Bowls Playing / Healing (in photo)

  • Breath Work

  • Astrological Readings

  • Crystal Healings (see photo)

  • Card Reading

  • Guided journaling and inner reflection work 

  • She runs daily or multi day workshops at Joten Lake for private groups.

Plan your visit

Contact Alison Tomlinson to discuss planning the perfect stay at Joten Lake Retreat Center so I can put you in touch with all of the right people who can help you create your best trip.

This includes yogi services or any other needs for food or activities you have. 

Alison can be reached at and either e-mail me your cell phone number or I can  e-mail you my cell phone number.