Connect with those you love at Joten Lake

Everyone Needs Time at Joten Lake Acres
Family reunions, bridal parties & grooms dinners
quilting weekends & friend getaways!  

Escape into solitude at Joten Lake Acres and be present for yourself while on 45 acres of peaceful, natural beauty.  In this converted century barn in Dalton, Minnesota, you will actually be able to focus on your favorite people and activities.  Because the best events are the ones you create with people you care to share your time with, Joten Lake is the perfect place to build lasting memories with the ones you love.  Host your family reunion or a friends weekend.  have your bridal party stay and host your grooms dinner in the loft.  Plan a three, five or seven day retreat.  Church groups, yoga practitioners are ideal for this large property. 


Central Minnesota was always a special place for Native Americans so come enjoy the areas lakes and natural space for watching wild animals.  Enjoy the bike riding trails which double as snowmobile trains in winter including the Lake Wobegon Trail.  Create special memories with your favorite people at Joten Lake Acres; you'll be glad you did. 



Joten Lake Acres was purchased in 1997 with the desire to connect to a simpler time and with the peaceful feelings of rural life.  The owner remembered her family's Minnesota century farm; a family homestead where water needed to be pumped into the kitchen sink, a fire needed to be stoked in the stove in order to cook, and the use of an outhouse was the only bathroom.  At the family farm, friends, family and neighbors sat around and really connected with each other --it was undistracted quality time.  These early experiences drove the owner to re-create a place where similar memories could be created in a building with modern conveniences when she purchased this 45 acre farm  in Dalton, Minnesota.


The land and building restoration was completed in 2016 driven by this vision and dream.  The original farmhouse, a chicken shed, a wooden silo, a garage, a horse tack shed needed to be destroyed due to unresolvable structural problems.  Many barbed wire fences and dozens of dumpsters of farm garbage, old farm equipment was also removed. The Barn was jacked-up and a new foundation installed in 1999.  Architectural plans were developed where the Barn Loft was built in 2009, followed by major construction in 2013.  The Barn was finished in 2016.  The Grainary was repurposed and updated into living quarters 2000 with walls lined with original barn wood; in 2016, it was re-insulated and resided. 

This is a place for those who seek a place for peace, connection with others, and time to explore nature; you can find this kind of serenity here.   In 2017 Joten Lake Acres was established for business for the enjoyment and benefit of others to have this same experience. 

Mission statement

Joten Lake Acres exists to facilitate land and space that creates, fosters, and celebrates everything that enables individuals to connect, build and enhance meaningful relationships with other people and also with our environment.  

Business philosophy

Joten Lake Acres philosophy is that events matter, celebrations are important, and honoring one another has meaningful purpose. It is important to use events to bring people together in a manor where relationships can be enhanced and memories can be created.   


Ms. Alison Tomlinson purchased Joten Lake Acres in 1997 and works to move the vision of Joten Lake Acres so guests of this special property can have a memorable and meaningful visit.  Alison holds an MA, in Communications from Saint Cloud State University and a Life Coaching Certification in Somatic Cellular Relief from Soul Purpose in Longmont, Colorado.  The bulk of her work experience is in institutional finance but Alison’s personal interests include natural spaces, a connection to friends and a love of learning.  Alison greatly takes great pride and joy in raising two boys, ages 17 and 14.  Over the last 23 years, Alison has put a vision of peace and relaxation into reality with Joten Lake Acres and she is excited to share this peaceful experience of Joten Lake Acre with guests of this magical property.