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Connect with those you love at Joten Lake

Rejuvenate at Joten Lake heavenly retreat!  

Enjoy 45 acres of this former working farm which has consciously been turned into a peaceful sanctuary for you.  This converted century barn in Dalton, Minnesota is so private you can find peace.  Come and focus on your favorite people and activities. Enjoy walking on the land, practice, yoga, birdwatching, cooking, playing games inside or outside.  Enjoy family reunion, friends weekend, craft circle, a bridal party. Enjoy a bright star filled night, cook, do bike riding on miles of local trails which double as snowmobile. Plan a meaningful retreat here.


Ottertail Count is special place and has been for 1,000's of years for Native Americans and the early Viking explorers - once you visit you will know why.  



The owner wanted to buy a farm to reconnect to the feeling of freedom, productive work and peace she experienced when spending time at her great grandmother's Minnesota century farm in Cologne, MN.  The family homestead had a water pump in the kitchen, stove required a fire in it to cook, and the only bathroom was an outhouse.  


Alison purchased this farm in 1997.  The original farmhouse, a chicken shed, a wooden silo, a garage, a horse tack shed needed to be destroyed due to unresolvable structural problems.  Many barbed wire fences and dozens of dumpsters of farm garbage, old farm equipment was also removed. The Barn was jacked-up and a new foundation installed in 1999.  Architectural plans were developed by Sala Architects and the barn's reconstruction was done by Legacy Builders of Fergus Falls.  ​The barn remodel was completed 2017 and rentals began to share this special land and building. 

Ms. Alison Erhard Tomlinson holds an MA, in Communications from Saint Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minnesota and a Life Coaching Certification in Somatic Cellular Relief from Soul Purpose in Longmont, Colorado.

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